Top Tips For Editing Your Promotional Leaflet

At CN Leaflet Distributors, we’ve worked with a lot of businesses around the UK over the years, helping them to create engaging content and get it out to the right people.

One of the key areas that often gets overlooked in writing great leaflet copy is not the initial idea but the editing and proofing which is needed once you’ve got it down on paper.

Here’s our main point: You should always avoid the temptation to rush through things. If you take your time, follow a few simple rules, your copy is going to be more powerful.

Let’s take a look at some great tips for making sure you hone your copy to perfection and get it absolutely right before you go to print.

Print It Out

Most of us will write that initial sales copy for our leaflet on a computer or smart device like a mobile phone. That’s fine but we tend to read things differently online than we do, say, if we pick up a book or leaflet.

Once you’ve wrestled with your copy and think you have it pretty much okay, print it out in hardcopy and read it. After all, that’s how someone is going to see it once your leaflet has been created.

Spellcheck and Grammar

One of the biggest errors we come across with promotional copy is that the writer hasn’t taken the time to spellcheck and make sure the grammar is okay. Some people are good at writing, others not so much. You can have the best copy in the world but if it’s got typos, you’re going to lose potential customers.

When we’re reading through a piece of copy we’ve written we can easily miss errors, mainly because we’re too close to it. One tip is to read the copy backwards so that you spot misspelled words more easily. There are, of course, online editing tools that are quite useful and you may want to use one of these.

Read It Aloud

Want to find out how great your copy sounds? Then read it aloud. If you find yourself tripping over your words, that could mean the copy needs to be tightened up or different words chosen.

Get Someone You Trust to Proof Read It

If you have written the copy, you’re probably the last person who should proof read it. That’s because our brains tend to fill in gaps and gloss over mistakes because we already know what’s written there. Find a person you can trust and who has decent writing skills to proof your copy.

Leave Your Leaflet to Breathe

This is one thing we always advise our clients to do. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Put your copy down, out of sight. Forget about it. For most, this should be for a couple of days at least. It’s the best way to come back to the copy fresh and you’ll be surprised how differently you feel about it once you read it again.

One Last Proof

Do your changes and then proof again. Don’t trust that your revised copy is going to be perfect. Hand it to your copy checker and make sure that content is as tight as it can be. Then leave it and do one last check.

Finally, working with a professional team who know how to wow customers with great copy and eye-catching graphics helps make sure your leaflet really hits the mark.

At CN Leaflet Distributors, we can help you with every stage of making a great leaflet, including copy and graphic design as well as printing and getting it out to your chosen demographics.

If you want to stand out, contact our professional leaflet distribution team today.

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