The Benefits of Leaflet Distribution

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All businesses are looking for ways to increase their customer base.

One the best ways and often overlooked Leaflet Distribution. One recent gutter cleaning company gained 11 jobs with a further 28 other leads which are still being quoted and followed up with a simple leaflet drop of 5,000.

This distribution was a leaflet Distribution in the Weymouth Dorset.

Yet Leaflet Distribution is often overlooked in todays high tech society

This highly effective way of promoting your business has many benefits and advantages over other methods of Marketing.

Consider the following benefits and how door to door leaflet distribution can benefit the profitability of your business.

Benefits of Door to Door leaflet distribution.

  • Your marketing material can fall (literally) into the hands of a new customer.
  • You achieve maximum coverage for minimum outlay.
  • You get your message right in front of your potential customer’s eye.
  • You have a highly targeted circulation of your offer or service and the potential customer will look at your material.
  • Your competitors are unaware of your marketing methods.
  • Leaflets dropped all year round generate a constant flow of enquirers.
  • You save money as leaflet distribution is one of the most cost effective ways of promoting your business.

CN- Distribution can help you take advantage of the above benefits.
We can offer a one stop shop for design, print and distribution .We can include your leaflet in any of the below distributions.
We deliver flyers, magazines, brochures, etc. to all areas of Dorset and South Somerset including the following towns and areas.

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