How to get the best returns with Leaflet Distribution

1. How To Get The Best ROI  With  Leaflet Distribution

The first consideration I regularly attempt to determine is exactly what kind of leaflet distribution will yield the highest results.

Many of our clients have considered door to door leafleting before they talk to us. For many businesses which rely on residential homes within a designated area (e.g: take-aways), this is a valid method if done properly, but for almost all other companies, you will find far more concentrated, higher impact methods that can be implemented for a similar budget that I will review later in this report.

Shared distribution  means your leaflet is delivered at  exactly the same time as  a number of others, solus means that your leaflet is delivered alone. In terms of effect and measuring results, solus will generally generate a multiple of about seven  to one in comparison with the cheaper shared distribution.

Therefore for maximum return on investment  solus distribution is the way to go, even if you’re working with minuscule budgets.

Shared door to door leaflet distribution is still effective but not as effective a s solus Distribution.

How much should you pay for solus door to door distribution? As little  as possible  is most peoples  response, until that is   you have a look at the figures. Those of you who’ve attempted to take any of the leg work on yourselves will probably know that to correctly deliver one thousand leaflets into an average suburban residential area takes a full day of approximately eight hours. If you do the math, that works out to be just one home every 30 seconds.

So you need to ask yourself, if I am being billed only £30 per thousand for solus distribution, does that imply that a diligent, dependable hard working individual is undertaking all the hard work, for only £3.75 per hour!? While an amazing number of customers kid themselves into thinking they’ve discovered a real bargain, the actual reality is much less pretty. Like anything in life, you get what you pay for. It is going to normally mean that you’re only getting a small proportion of your print delivered. If you are not paying for an appropriate quantity of man hours, location mapping, team management, print logistics and activity reporting, the odds are, you are not likely to get it! Again, if saving money is exactly what you are after, it is more affordable to throw your money straight into the bin, or even just not to do anything in any way!

It is amazing how many clients come to us after being burnt by the temptation of finding the very cheapest option but have come off very disappointed. Expect to pay £79 per thousand and upwards, depending on the volume, the size and format of your print material for a decent job to be carried out.

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