Features vs Benefits & Your Leaflet Advertising

Any successful leaflet needs be structured with features and benefits in mind. Small businesses and bosses doing their own marketing often get the two mixed up, however. So what’s the real difference?

Features are what make your product or service so great.

But the benefits are what really sells it to your c

Take a look at your last promotional leaflet and ask yourself this question: How much does it focus on what your product does? If you’ve listed a number of neat features in an easy to read bullet pointed list, then you may actually be doing something wrong.

Have a think about what all those features do. How useful are they to your customer? In fact, go a lot deeper.

How do these features change people’s lives? These are the benefits and pound for pound they’re a much more effective at selling your product than simple features.

Why? Because people have problems and want them solved, even if they don’t quite know it yet.

Let’s look at a simple example. Let’s say, you are selling an umbrella.

The features are:

  • A waterproof canopy.
  • Solid but lightweight wood handle.
  • Unbreakable metal skeleton.

The benefits are:

  • It keeps you dry in the rain and shades you from the sun. In other words, never get wet again or overheat during the summer.
  • You can carry it around anywhere. That means you’ll always be protected.
  • It’s reliable and built to last. You won’t have to buy another umbrella.

You can see from the outset that the benefits are far more inspiring and emotive than the features.

The good news is you can generally turn most features into a benefit. For example, 8GB of RAM sounds innocuous but being able to open several windows on your computer at once and multi-task sounds great, especially if you are busy freelancer who needs a reliable laptop with processing power.

Home delivery for a fast food restaurant is a feature of the business. The benefit is that your customer can kick up their feet, relax and watch TV while you cook their food and deliver it hot to their door.

How to Find Your Benefits

Before you write your next promotional leaflet, sit down and list all your product or service features. The reason why many businesses get so confused about benefits is that they don’t always see their things from the consumer’s point of view. Whether you have a long or short list, ask yourself these important questions:

What does this particular feature do for my customer? What do they get?

If, despite wracking your brains for hours, you can’t think of a reason for that feature to exist then strike it off your list. Only stick with the ones that have a concrete and readily understood benefit for your customer that elicits an emotion.

In truth your customers aren’t concerned with how many features you’ve locked into your product nor what went into putting them there. Customers are selfish. They’re only concerned with themselves.

Don’t worry – that’s an advantage to your business. If you can show them why they really need your product, then you’re a good way to selling it to them.

Are features totally redundant? The answer is no. In certain industries like selling cars and smartphones, they’re actually an important part of the mix. But you should always try to marry each one up with a personal benefit if you want to elicit a stronger impact.

Concentrating on benefits is the surest way to create leaflets that elicit strong emotions and deeper engagement. At CN Leaflet Distributors we can help design, print and distribute the next big message you send out to your customers.

If you’d like to find out how we can take your leaflet marketing to the next level, contact our dedicated team right now.

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