Premium Distribution – Express Leaflet Delivery Service

Leaflet Distribution

An express leaflet delivery service for any quantity of leaflets to any area.

Recommended for: Public Notices, Planning Developments, Magazines, Charity Bags
Turnaround Time: Dependant on Custom Requirement
Distribution Price: From £119 Per 1,000

This is our quickest service and is customised to your requirements. Your leaflet is always delivered alone, free from any other media allowing this to give maximum exposure and impact on the door mat. If your campaign is time-sensitive or there are very specific location requirements, this is the option for you. All premium distributions are prioritised in front of any other campaign and in addition receive free regular updates upon request.

Starting Your Campaign

Selecting the Area: Of course, the first thing to do is to make sure that you’re getting your leaflets to the right people. Before the campaign starts, we can provide you with approximate house counts for your target locations. Our software will automatically generate the residential house counts for the selected area and we’ll give you a demographic breakdown for the location too.

Producing the Creative: For us, the way a call to action is communicated is essential. If your business has the in-house expertise to produce effective leaflets then that’s great, but if you’d like our help then that’s no problem either. Based on our experience of this industry, we’re more than capable of helping you to create a specific door drop flyer that we believe will work for your promotion.

Scheduling the Delivery: Put simply, we’ll carry out your leaflet distribution whenever you want. Just let us know when you want your leaflets delivered and we will do so, to your schedule, whatever it is.

Managing the Operation: You’ll be notified by text to confirm your distribution has begun, and again to confirm it’s been completed. Also, we’ll be available to answer any questions you might have throughout the course of the campaign and beyond.

Evaluating the Results: After the completion of your leaflet distribution, we’ll supply you with a full report. We will also be available to discuss your results with you to help you interpret them and plan effectively for the future of your business.