Budget Multi Drop Distribution

Leaflet Distribution

A budget leaflet delivery service shared with other client’s media to a broad area.

Recommended for: Any Business, Suitable for Large Campaigns
Turnaround Time: From 4 weeks
Distribution Price: From £35 Per 1,000

Budget Multi Drop is our low cost option for delivering door to door to residential houses. We keep costs down by delivering your leaflet with other media around the location of your choice. That’s why it’s suitable for a large campaign where extensive coverage is of primary importance and where the spend might otherwise quickly mount up.

Sometimes, creating public awareness across a wide area, and among all demographic groups, is just what your business needs. This may be because the leaflet campaign is part of a larger promotional push involving other media or perhaps because your business appeals to a wide-range of the population. Or, perhaps, it’s just a simple matter of keeping costs as low as possible for your leaflet distribution. Just because this is a budget option, though, that doesn’t mean we scrimp on service.

Starting Your Campaign

Selecting the Area: We’ll discuss your business and, together, we’ll work our the most appropriate area to distribute your leaflets. We’ll then deliver as close to the required location as possible. Of course, as we’re delivering your leaflet along with other media, this won’t be as specifically targeted as on some of our other packages but we still use our in-house mapping software to give you plenty of choice as to where you want your distribution to take place.

Producing the Creative: For us, the way a call to action is communicated is essential. If your business has the in-house expertise to produce effective leaflets then that’s great, but if you’d like our help then that’s no problem either. Based on our experience of this industry, we’re more than capable of helping you to create a specific door drop flyer that we believe will work for your promotion.

Scheduling the Delivery: One of the ways we keep costs down for this package is that you allow us some flexibility on the start date of your distribution campaign. Typically that’ll be within 4-6 weeks of your go-ahead. Of course, though, this will be discussed with you once your order has been placed and we’ll provide confirmation of a specific start date when that’s available.

Managing the Operation: You’ll be notified by text to confirm your distribution has begun, and again to confirm it’s been completed.

Evaluating the Results: After the distribution has been completed, we’ll contact you for feedback and we can help you analyse the results of your campaign to drive your future approach.