Direct Mail & Fulfilment Through The Royal Mail Network

Leaflet Distribution

Direct Mail & Fulfilment Through The Royal Mail Network

Pack and dispatch of addressed mail or bespoke packages to any UK address.
If you want to dispatch more than one item at a time, or maybe something specialised like merchandise or magazines, this package may be for you. We can design, print, pack and address your media ready for delivery through the Royal Mail Network. Plus we can store items for free and dispatch upon request. As well as direct mail to individuals, we can also bulk-dispatch your media to retail outlets or other locations as required. This service is fully customisable to your requirements.

We’re not exclusively about leaflets. You may want to get a bit more inventive with your direct mail. So, perhaps you need something polywrapped or in an envelope, maybe you’re sending postcards or greetings cards. There are far too many options of what your promotional campaign might require, so we’ll just say that if you want something mailed, we’re pretty sure we can take care of it! These kind of campaigns are often logistically complex, so that’s where it’s useful to have our expertise. Additionally, we can deal with any pre-sales or follow-up email or telemarketing that might be needed.

So, what do we bring to the table?

Starting Your Campaign

Content: First off, we’ll discuss the content of the mail out and agree on the best way to get this packed and assembled. If you’re unsure then we can help you through this process to make sure you get the best results.

Delivery Time Frame: If you trust us with your mailout then we’ll live up to your trust. We are used to working quickly and can always organise the production of a pack and dispatch on time. We haven’t let any of our clients down yet and we don’t intend to start!

Producing the Package: Of course, presentation is essential so we can help with the design and print of all materials to be enclosed in the pack. This is where our specialist knowledge comes to the fore. We usually save costs on cost and because we’re handling everything, the turnaround time is often shorter. Also, it means we know the exact weight and size of each item prior to fulfilment and any potential hiccups are dealt with before they become a problem.

Managing the Operation: When you place the order, we set deadlines for each activity and work closely with you to ensure it all goes according to plan. As soon as your items are packed we will update you via text to confirm dispatch prior to release into the network. And, of course, we’ll be available throughout the whole process to answer any questions you may have.

Batch Mailing: We have the facilities to store stock and dispatch upon request. So, your campaign doesn’t need to be a one-off mailout. We can hold onto your merchandise or media and send it where it needs to go in line with your requirements.