Digital Marketing Trends for 2018


This year especially, it is essential for businesses to promote their brands through various digital media channels, such as search engines, websites, social media, email, web forums and instant messaging. Digitally transmitted marketing messages will easily reach your target audience and help to grow your business. Understanding which digital marketing trends are hot and which ones will become a waste of resources is important if you want to succeed in your market. Here are the top digital marketing trends for 2018 that you should adopt this year:

  • Higher use of voice command: Voice command technology has become an important part of our lives. Although it wasn’t new, Apple sparked mainstream interest with the release of Siri. It is now possible to deliver digital messages through voice assistants to a relevant audience. For many people, it is a convenient implementation, because they don’t need physical inputs or visual interface. The growing importance of voice command technology will significantly affect how digital marketers interact with consumers.
  • Ads through apps: We can already find apps for nearly every purpose and consumers are relying on their mobile devices to become more productive. People are buying more products online and this is a huge opportunity for marketers to deliver their messages. People also regularly play games with their mobile devices. These games are distributed freely and players will need to watch ads quite often to help developers earn money. Repeated exposure through mobile apps is an effective way to establish brand awareness among relevant audience. However, digital marketers need to make sure that their messages appear on relevant apps.
  • Influencer networks: Oversaturation is a big problem in digital marketing and marketers need to stand out among the competition. As a result, they compete in hiring well-known influencers who endorse their products. Content marketing is no longer delivered textually. Influencers are influential people in the industry who are immediately recognizable by consumers. Digital marketers can capitalize on influencers who already have good reputation and a large base of followers in social media. To reduce costs, marketers need to work with a network of influencers, instead of hiring a popular influencer full time. It will be easier to control costs and hire an influencer depending on the current situation.
  • Chatbots: Many people still want to have personalized communication. One-one approach is still the best way to deliver information in a personalized way. Unfortunately, it will be prohibitively expensive to interact with each consumer using human operators. Artificial intelligence technology is getting more sophisticated and soon, consumers may not be aware that they are interacting with chatbots. Digital marketers should monitor latest developments in AI implementations to enhance customer service performance.

Marketing your business in 2018 is easy as long as you choose effective marketing techniques that are relevant to your customer and that can help your business reach new customers within your market.

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