5 Reasons to Add Leaflets to Your Marketing Mix in 2019

The New Year is now well underway and many companies, both large and small, will be reviewing their marketing practices for the next 12 months. Of course, return on investment is a big factor on which marketing channels you will decide to choose. But so is getting the right message out.

You may think that sending leaflets to your potential customers is an old fashioned and expensive option. But actually it is very effective – if you get your strategy right.

Here are just five reasons you should be looking at leaflet distribution in your marketing mix this year:

1. You Get Noticed

There used to be a time when leaflet delivery had a bad name. Then the internet came along and companies forgot about sending out huge swathes of ‘junk mail’.

Leaflet distribution is still a great way of getting your message right in front of the customer – they come home, look at the leaflet and see what you have to offer. That leaflet can be left on the sideboard and seen by anyone else passing by, extending your reach at no extra cost.

2. It’s Cheaper Than You Think

It’s expensive to design and print leaflets, isn’t it?

Well, first of all, the cost of design and print has come down dramatically over the last decade or so. Secondly, if you target your leaflet distribution properly, you get a much better return on investment than if you use some other, more popular digital means.

3. Demographic Targeting Has Improved

As we all know, marketing is about data. It’s also about how you use that information and ge your message in front of the right people. While leaflet distribution seemed to have a scatter gun approach in the past, today’s demographic targeting means that you can get your message out in front of the right people more often than not.

4. Generate a Constant Stream of New Leads

The problem with digital marketing and websites is that you are always waiting for people to come to you.

Leaflet distribution is all about sending out your marketing material to prospective customers. It’s active rather than reactive. Not everyone is in love with the online world. There are literally millions of customers out there who don’t spend much time at all on their mobile phones or desktop computers.

Leaflet distribution should give you access to a steady stream of new leads and potential customers that keep your business ticking over perfectly.

5. You’re Doing What the Competition Isn’t

The chances are that your competitors are too focused on online marketing. That’s where you can steal a lead over them by using a practice that they haven’t thought about. Often when we deal with businesses at CN Leaflet Distribution, they find they are one of the few in their sector who are contacting new customers with hardcopy marketing material in this way.

Of course, as with any marketing approach, you need to have your strategy worked out. The better you can develop this, the more likely you are to achieve a good ROI and get customers flocking to your door.

At CN Leaflet Distribution, our professional team will work with you to develop just the right approach. We can help with targeting, graphic design, wording and distribution.

If you’d like to find out more, contact us today.

5 Businesses Examples of How Local Leaflet Marketing Works

We tend to get distracted by the power of the internet nowadays, often forgetting that many traditional marketing methods still work. If you’re a business that operates to a local need, posting a leaflet through your potential customer’s door can be highly effective.

It’s also a marketing practice that delivers a great return on investment if you get the strategy right. At CN Leaflet Distribution, we can help you with the design, wording and distribution of your leaflets. We understand how an effective leafletting campaign can keep customers coming through the door.

Here are just some of the business sectors where we’ve been able to help in the past:

The Building Trade

Builders and construction workers often operate through word of mouth rather than online. Keeping a steady stream of work coming in is no easy matter, however, especially when there’s a lot of local competition.

This is one area where leaflet marketing can really help catch people at just the right time. The good news is that homeowners and businesses will often hang onto leaflets for builders and contractors in case they need them in the future.

Landscapers and Gardeners

Gardeners in general can benefit from regular leaflet drops for their business. Whether you simply help local homeowners keep their gardens in tip top condition or are a company that can actually transform the existing landscape, a well written and designed leaflet delivered direct to the door of your potential clients can produce great returns.

Care Homes & Care Agencies.

Another sector where distributing leaflets can make a big difference is the care sector. It’s long been a favourite strategy of successful agencies within this sector.

It’s a great way of building up new relationships with potential clients and their families. Not to mention the recruitment of extra staff. Regular leaflet distribution means you’re never too far from their mind.

New Businesses

Starting a new business can be fraught with difficulty. If your aim is to deliver to a local need, then you need to get your brand and name out there into the public domain as quickly as possible. Yes, you can work on a great website and get that up and running but, if you really want to get in front of local people, a targeted leaflet campaign is an absolute must.

Local Services

Solicitors, insurance agents, estate agents and letting companies can all benefit from sending out leaflets on a regular basis. In fact, any service that is provided to a local audience can get a great ROI and new customers or clients by using this approach. The good news is that it’s also a cost effective way of advertising, especially for sole traders and small businesses.

The Key to Success with Leaflet Marketing

If you want value for money, it’s a good idea to ensure that you have some basic strategies in place. The first is to be clear about who you are targeting. The more focused you can be, the better the results. Second, you must take time over the design and wording of your leaflet and get it right. We always advise that focusing your content and keeping it short and punchy is generally more guaranteed to deliver results.

At CN Leaflet Distribution, our talented team can help you put together the right content and deliver it direct to your potential customer’s door. If you really want to stand out from the competition on the local stage, contact us today to find out more.

5 Ways to Make Your Leaflet Copy Stand Out

If you run any kind of business, you’ll understand how difficult it is to stand out from the competition. While there’s so much to choose from when it comes to marketing – everything from your online website to social media – one of the best ways to attract local attention is actually through hardcopy leaflet shots.

Get your message delivered through someone’s letterbox and you’ll be more likely to have your message seen. And get an immediate reaction.

But how do you make that copy really stand out?

When your audience picks your leaflet up off the hallway floor, what are you going to say that will make them stop and think, at least for a minute or two, about your product or service?

Here are our 5 top tips for standout copy:

1. Have a Catchy Headline

After a hard day’s work, your potential customer opens the door, picks up the mail and will then probably throw it onto a side table while they reach for a glass of chilled wine.

What you need to do is grab their attention. That headline is or tag line is one of the most engaging ways to do this.

Make it snappy, make it time sensitive, make it a once in a lifetime offer. But, above all, make it visible and unputdownable.

2. Show Don’t Tell

Whatever your product or service, you need to show what your customer is getting and illicit an emotional response.

What’s the difference between show and tell? Let’s take a mobile phone as an example. Telling would be simply saying that you have one for sale. Showing would be how that phone will benefit your customer – calling their friends, keeping in touch, checking social media, any host of different things.

3. Use Visuals

There’s a well-known saying that an image paints a thousand words. Choosing the right imagery for your leaflet is vitally important and should always, always support the copy. The visuals are almost as vital as the writing. And it doesn’t simply mean the picture you choose but how you organise all the assets the page.

4. Keep It Short, Stupid

The trouble with customers is that they get bored with long messages. The trouble with many businesses owners is that they want to tell their potential customer as much as they can. If you feel the temptation to squeeze as much copy onto you leaflet as possible, our advice is RESIST.

The shorter you keep your messaging, the better it will stick in your customer’s psyche.

Think about what you want your flier to achieve. Keep your message straight and to the point and keep it as simple as possible.

5. Hone Your Copy

Finally, people tend to rush out their copy and think that’s it. The truth is that good copy rarely works until it’s revised at least a couple of times. Never assume it is finished. Give it to friends and colleagues and ask their opinions – more importantly listen to what they say!

Do you need to swap sentences around? Have you used the right words and phrases? Is it catchy enough? Does it make you want to find out more? Do you make it easy for your customer to take action?

Standout copy takes a lot of work. Once you’ve finished, leave the first draft and do something else and then go back to it with a fresh mind. Then repeat the process at least a couple of times if you want great copy that blasts off the page.

The good news is that, at CN Leaflet Distribution, we can help you with everything from graphic design to printing and delivering your brilliant copy to the general public.

If you’d like to find out how we can superpower your next marketing campaign, give our expert, friendly team a call today.

Features vs Benefits & Your Leaflet Advertising

Any successful leaflet needs be structured with features and benefits in mind. Small businesses and bosses doing their own marketing often get the two mixed up, however. So what’s the real difference?

Features are what make your product or service so great.

But the benefits are what really sells it to your c

Take a look at your last promotional leaflet and ask yourself this question: How much does it focus on what your product does? If you’ve listed a number of neat features in an easy to read bullet pointed list, then you may actually be doing something wrong.

Have a think about what all those features do. How useful are they to your customer? In fact, go a lot deeper.

How do these features change people’s lives? These are the benefits and pound for pound they’re a much more effective at selling your product than simple features.

Why? Because people have problems and want them solved, even if they don’t quite know it yet.

Let’s look at a simple example. Let’s say, you are selling an umbrella.

The features are:

  • A waterproof canopy.
  • Solid but lightweight wood handle.
  • Unbreakable metal skeleton.

The benefits are:

  • It keeps you dry in the rain and shades you from the sun. In other words, never get wet again or overheat during the summer.
  • You can carry it around anywhere. That means you’ll always be protected.
  • It’s reliable and built to last. You won’t have to buy another umbrella.

You can see from the outset that the benefits are far more inspiring and emotive than the features.

The good news is you can generally turn most features into a benefit. For example, 8GB of RAM sounds innocuous but being able to open several windows on your computer at once and multi-task sounds great, especially if you are busy freelancer who needs a reliable laptop with processing power.

Home delivery for a fast food restaurant is a feature of the business. The benefit is that your customer can kick up their feet, relax and watch TV while you cook their food and deliver it hot to their door.

How to Find Your Benefits

Before you write your next promotional leaflet, sit down and list all your product or service features. The reason why many businesses get so confused about benefits is that they don’t always see their things from the consumer’s point of view. Whether you have a long or short list, ask yourself these important questions:

What does this particular feature do for my customer? What do they get?

If, despite wracking your brains for hours, you can’t think of a reason for that feature to exist then strike it off your list. Only stick with the ones that have a concrete and readily understood benefit for your customer that elicits an emotion.

In truth your customers aren’t concerned with how many features you’ve locked into your product nor what went into putting them there. Customers are selfish. They’re only concerned with themselves.

Don’t worry – that’s an advantage to your business. If you can show them why they really need your product, then you’re a good way to selling it to them.

Are features totally redundant? The answer is no. In certain industries like selling cars and smartphones, they’re actually an important part of the mix. But you should always try to marry each one up with a personal benefit if you want to elicit a stronger impact.

Concentrating on benefits is the surest way to create leaflets that elicit strong emotions and deeper engagement. At CN Leaflet Distributors we can help design, print and distribute the next big message you send out to your customers.

If you’d like to find out how we can take your leaflet marketing to the next level, contact our dedicated team right now.

Top Tips For Editing Your Promotional Leaflet

At CN Leaflet Distributors, we’ve worked with a lot of businesses around the UK over the years, helping them to create engaging content and get it out to the right people.

One of the key areas that often gets overlooked in writing great leaflet copy is not the initial idea but the editing and proofing which is needed once you’ve got it down on paper.

Here’s our main point: You should always avoid the temptation to rush through things. If you take your time, follow a few simple rules, your copy is going to be more powerful.

Let’s take a look at some great tips for making sure you hone your copy to perfection and get it absolutely right before you go to print.

Print It Out

Most of us will write that initial sales copy for our leaflet on a computer or smart device like a mobile phone. That’s fine but we tend to read things differently online than we do, say, if we pick up a book or leaflet.

Once you’ve wrestled with your copy and think you have it pretty much okay, print it out in hardcopy and read it. After all, that’s how someone is going to see it once your leaflet has been created.

Spellcheck and Grammar

One of the biggest errors we come across with promotional copy is that the writer hasn’t taken the time to spellcheck and make sure the grammar is okay. Some people are good at writing, others not so much. You can have the best copy in the world but if it’s got typos, you’re going to lose potential customers.

When we’re reading through a piece of copy we’ve written we can easily miss errors, mainly because we’re too close to it. One tip is to read the copy backwards so that you spot misspelled words more easily. There are, of course, online editing tools that are quite useful and you may want to use one of these.

Read It Aloud

Want to find out how great your copy sounds? Then read it aloud. If you find yourself tripping over your words, that could mean the copy needs to be tightened up or different words chosen.

Get Someone You Trust to Proof Read It

If you have written the copy, you’re probably the last person who should proof read it. That’s because our brains tend to fill in gaps and gloss over mistakes because we already know what’s written there. Find a person you can trust and who has decent writing skills to proof your copy.

Leave Your Leaflet to Breathe

This is one thing we always advise our clients to do. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Put your copy down, out of sight. Forget about it. For most, this should be for a couple of days at least. It’s the best way to come back to the copy fresh and you’ll be surprised how differently you feel about it once you read it again.

One Last Proof

Do your changes and then proof again. Don’t trust that your revised copy is going to be perfect. Hand it to your copy checker and make sure that content is as tight as it can be. Then leave it and do one last check.

Finally, working with a professional team who know how to wow customers with great copy and eye-catching graphics helps make sure your leaflet really hits the mark.

At CN Leaflet Distributors, we can help you with every stage of making a great leaflet, including copy and graphic design as well as printing and getting it out to your chosen demographics.

If you want to stand out, contact our professional leaflet distribution team today.