5 Reasons to Add Leaflets to Your Marketing Mix in 2019

The New Year is now well underway and many companies, both large and small, will be reviewing their marketing practices for the next 12 months. Of course, return on investment is a big factor on which marketing channels you will decide to choose. But so is getting the right message out.

You may think that sending leaflets to your potential customers is an old fashioned and expensive option. But actually it is very effective – if you get your strategy right.

Here are just five reasons you should be looking at leaflet distribution in your marketing mix this year:

1. You Get Noticed

There used to be a time when leaflet delivery had a bad name. Then the internet came along and companies forgot about sending out huge swathes of ‘junk mail’.

Leaflet distribution is still a great way of getting your message right in front of the customer – they come home, look at the leaflet and see what you have to offer. That leaflet can be left on the sideboard and seen by anyone else passing by, extending your reach at no extra cost.

2. It’s Cheaper Than You Think

It’s expensive to design and print leaflets, isn’t it?

Well, first of all, the cost of design and print has come down dramatically over the last decade or so. Secondly, if you target your leaflet distribution properly, you get a much better return on investment than if you use some other, more popular digital means.

3. Demographic Targeting Has Improved

As we all know, marketing is about data. It’s also about how you use that information and ge your message in front of the right people. While leaflet distribution seemed to have a scatter gun approach in the past, today’s demographic targeting means that you can get your message out in front of the right people more often than not.

4. Generate a Constant Stream of New Leads

The problem with digital marketing and websites is that you are always waiting for people to come to you.

Leaflet distribution is all about sending out your marketing material to prospective customers. It’s active rather than reactive. Not everyone is in love with the online world. There are literally millions of customers out there who don’t spend much time at all on their mobile phones or desktop computers.

Leaflet distribution should give you access to a steady stream of new leads and potential customers that keep your business ticking over perfectly.

5. You’re Doing What the Competition Isn’t

The chances are that your competitors are too focused on online marketing. That’s where you can steal a lead over them by using a practice that they haven’t thought about. Often when we deal with businesses at CN Leaflet Distribution, they find they are one of the few in their sector who are contacting new customers with hardcopy marketing material in this way.

Of course, as with any marketing approach, you need to have your strategy worked out. The better you can develop this, the more likely you are to achieve a good ROI and get customers flocking to your door.

At CN Leaflet Distribution, our professional team will work with you to develop just the right approach. We can help with targeting, graphic design, wording and distribution.

If you’d like to find out more, contact us today.

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