5 Businesses Examples of How Local Leaflet Marketing Works

We tend to get distracted by the power of the internet nowadays, often forgetting that many traditional marketing methods still work. If you’re a business that operates to a local need, posting a leaflet through your potential customer’s door can be highly effective.

It’s also a marketing practice that delivers a great return on investment if you get the strategy right. At CN Leaflet Distribution, we can help you with the design, wording and distribution of your leaflets. We understand how an effective leafletting campaign can keep customers coming through the door.

Here are just some of the business sectors where we’ve been able to help in the past:

The Building Trade

Builders and construction workers often operate through word of mouth rather than online. Keeping a steady stream of work coming in is no easy matter, however, especially when there’s a lot of local competition.

This is one area where leaflet marketing can really help catch people at just the right time. The good news is that homeowners and businesses will often hang onto leaflets for builders and contractors in case they need them in the future.

Landscapers and Gardeners

Gardeners in general can benefit from regular leaflet drops for their business. Whether you simply help local homeowners keep their gardens in tip top condition or are a company that can actually transform the existing landscape, a well written and designed leaflet delivered direct to the door of your potential clients can produce great returns.

Care Homes & Care Agencies.

Another sector where distributing leaflets can make a big difference is the care sector. It’s long been a favourite strategy of successful agencies within this sector.

It’s a great way of building up new relationships with potential clients and their families. Not to mention the recruitment of extra staff. Regular leaflet distribution means you’re never too far from their mind.

New Businesses

Starting a new business can be fraught with difficulty. If your aim is to deliver to a local need, then you need to get your brand and name out there into the public domain as quickly as possible. Yes, you can work on a great website and get that up and running but, if you really want to get in front of local people, a targeted leaflet campaign is an absolute must.

Local Services

Solicitors, insurance agents, estate agents and letting companies can all benefit from sending out leaflets on a regular basis. In fact, any service that is provided to a local audience can get a great ROI and new customers or clients by using this approach. The good news is that it’s also a cost effective way of advertising, especially for sole traders and small businesses.

The Key to Success with Leaflet Marketing

If you want value for money, it’s a good idea to ensure that you have some basic strategies in place. The first is to be clear about who you are targeting. The more focused you can be, the better the results. Second, you must take time over the design and wording of your leaflet and get it right. We always advise that focusing your content and keeping it short and punchy is generally more guaranteed to deliver results.

At CN Leaflet Distribution, our talented team can help you put together the right content and deliver it direct to your potential customer’s door. If you really want to stand out from the competition on the local stage, contact us today to find out more.

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